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  • Help please!!!!!!

    Greetings to all in the forum haven't posted in a while so here goes I have become very interested in Silat but due to the quality of instructors here in the Tulsa(OK) area wanting to learn may prove difficult. I did speak with a Heath Wright out of Bixby, OK this sounds hopeful he teaches the Mande Muda discipline but if not back to where I'm at considering Videos, wish Mr.Terry Gibson was still here...........Thanks Rob

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    I agree with Tanto1. In my opinion the most important factors of a martial arts class are the quality of the instructor (as in teaching ability, personality etc - not if he is a grandmaster) and whether or not you enjoy it.

    May seem obvious, but many people decide that they want to learn a particular style without any real knowledge of what is on offer. Go out, try everything within your reach, and see what you like most. You may be surprised, or you may end up back at the start. Either way you will eventually find the best style/class/learning for you.


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      Greetings from Florida, I've been studying Kali Silat, and Pencak Silat since the early 70's. In Pencak Silat with the late Suryadi Jafri the principles of the art are the same fundamentals similar to Kali from the Philippine side, Silat from the Indonesia/Malay cultures. Master Jafri shared with us the material see A Pencak Silat, Cultural Exchange for Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippines and scroll all the way down, I've prepared a DVD by the late Suryadi Jafri, and share the material completely to develop your own. Meaning take from the foundation and create your Silat. That is to say, basics of all martial arts are the same, quote from Suryadi Jafri, "practice what you like. Because you will practice more." "But, he would continue, they practice what you don't like, and re-create how you do it. In Silat, as in Kali the foundation is the same, the differences are what you become in practicing it your way. This is fully explained by Jafri in his DVD at A Pencak Silat, Cultural Exchange for Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippines - if you purchase his DVDs L & K - I'll include his CD FREE with full explanation and additional clips on Silat. This is open to everyone that reads this post for the entire month of January.


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        Kali Silat, Pencak Silat, Malay Silat - All have similar practice methods. For example: Footwork practices, Counter practices, Power practices, and meditation practices, and you create your own form, characteristic of the practice you make. As Master Jafri would say, "Practice what you like, because you will practice more, but you must practice everything too." We have DVDs on several of the methods for weapons and empty hands, from the Philippine culture, and from the Indonesian cultures. From Doce Pares GM Canete from Cebu which is considered where the stick element emerged or Dekiti Tirsia from Bacolod, and Pekiti Tirsia or SinaTirsiaWali, these 3 are the same and represent the foundation to the advanced training methods with and without weapons. In addition to an intensive 5 day program I've been teaching over the last 6 years for Instructor Candidates, since there's only one prerequisite to being an instructor, I suggest you can take the program and share the material with those interested in your area, and get started immediately. Purchase any two DVDs and I'll include a copy of my eBook on CD. regards, Greg Alland 37 years in Kali Silat, Pencak Silat, this is my foundation art, it is the science and art of living.


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          Im in malaysia at the moment. Does anyone know where I can go to a good martial arts camp in the area, where I can go for some intensive training? Im in Sabah, KK. If not here then in indonesia as Ill be heading there in about a month.