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  • Maphilindo/Majapahit Silat

    Are these two styles exactly the same or is the latter the next evolutionary step beyond Maphilindo? I am asking because I have an interest in silat, and the only instructor even remotely close teaches Maphilindo silat. On the Inosanto Academy website, he is referring to his art now as Majapahit. I am confused. Are there jurus in this style? If so, which styles of silat are they drawn from (Serak, Bukkti Negara, Tongkat, Mande Muda, LaCoste, Amerindo, Cimande) or all of them?

    Did Dan Inosanto ever study with Rudy Ter Linden?

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    My understanding is that the name "Maphilindo" was retired for several reasons. Guru Dan still teaches the same Kali/Silat curriculum so the material will be the same. the curriculum is made up of Mande Muda, Serak, Bhukti Negara, and several others I can't think of right now. I attended an Inosanto silat camp and it was 99% application -- we did practiced one juru (Serak #1) for 1 minute one the first day and that was it; it was some of the most practical silat training I've ever had. I don't know if Guru Dan studied directly with Terlinden but Terlinden's silat is made up styles that are also part of the Mande Muda curriculum (cikalong, cimande). Good luck.


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      Thanks for the helpful information.


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        Very use full thread


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