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  • Favorite Experience or memory

    Recount for us your favorite experience or memory of training in Japan.

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    Or even of just visiting, I suppose.


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      Tokyo. That's one clean city! The people were pretty nice and tried to speak English, if they knew any. It was my first introduction to Sogo, which in my impression was like a high-class version of Walmart.

      The underground city was cool, subway/train stations were clean and safe as well - kept hearing these cheesy, musack songs for the Sunshine City Prince Hotel (which to this day, I still remember). I had a crush on this really, really hot tour she was smokin' hot

      I frequented a video arcade called the Gorilla - which had a giant King Kong head on the front of the shop. Japanese video game technology was about 10 years ahead of ours!

      Saw the imperial palace, the tower? (I can't remember the name of it, but it was tall!). You could see Mt. Fuji from the top.
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        Anyone been to Okinawa?

        Is it a good place to stay?


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          Speaking of Japan, i was thinking of moving there to teach martial arts some of my good freinds. "Team Ryouko"
          Does anyone know anywhere were i can stay. There thinking of going to Okinawa also. Does anyone know any were else?


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            Originally posted by Tom Yum View Post
            the tower? (I can't remember the name of it, but it was tall!). You could see Mt. Fuji from the top.

            Tokyo Tower! Modeled after the Eiffel Tower.


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              I have about three years' worth!

              Training memory: Going to a BJJ tourney at a Budokan (but not THE Budokan), showing up at the wrong Budokan and finding a lot of middle-school kids queuing up for a concert of some kind. I thought it said something about the growing popularity of BJJ in Japan.

              Tokyo tower - St. Patrick's day, stumbling around Roppongi in the middle of the night with my Irish house-mate in the tower's shadow. We ended up in some kind of Nigerian bar.

              World Cup 2002, the night Japan beat Russia, trying to get down the street to Yokohama station, the streets full of partying football fans. (No "fuurigans" though, thankfully).

              Catching the last train on the Ginza line from Ginza back to Shibuya, and then sprinting for the last Inokashira line train which was was so packed I thought the windows would pop out.

              Walking through Kita-Kamakura - marvelling how quiet and serene it was.No crowds, old temples around every corner.

              A lot of memories of alcoholic excesses. Nomihodai = shudder shudder

              And many more...


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                  Originally posted by jubaji View Post
                  Thanks man. Right when I'm in the middle of a really big wanderlust relapse.

                  I miss Japan.

                  I miss premium cuts of tuna. I miss the vending machines. I miss midnight ramen runs after work. I miss getting hiyayakko tofu at 7-11. I miss pachinko parlours. I miss the Yamanote line. I miss the cross-walk music. I miss the construction site security guards with their glowing batons. I miss my monthly trips to Kinokuniya to get English novels. I miss chahan onigiri. I miss getting DVDs from Tsutaya in those blue nylon bags. I miss the deafening sound of cicadas in the summer. I miss the fish song in the supermarkets.

                  I even almost miss Hamasaki Ayumi!


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                    Originally posted by Tom Yum View Post

                    Saw the imperial palace, the tower? (I can't remember the name of it, but it was tall!). You could see Mt. Fuji from the top.
                    My first apartment in Japan was in Chigasaki, about 30 minutes from Yokohama by train. On a clear day I could see Mt. Fuji from my kitchen window.

                    Man. A credit card and a valid passport make for a dangerous combination.


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                      Go man, go! Don't fight it!


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                        Anyone ever get over to Kyoto? My fav city in Japan.