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  • Canadian ju jitsu

    Im from Vancouver island BC Canada i have been looking for good ju jitsu in the area but the only one i could find was one 2 hours away in Victoria i could go to it but that is alot of gas and with the price gas is at i would rather not.. Does anyone know of one in my general area..

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    I found two Ju-jutsu Clubs in Vancouver in 10 sec. thanks to google.

    I hope this will help.
    Though... Is gas really expensive in Canada? :S
    Here it's almost 12 Swedish Crowns/liter
    (1 USD = 7 SEK)


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      What google didn't tell you is Vancouver and Vancouver Island are two different geographic locations. But thanks for the effort!

      Unfortunately I'm in Vancouver (city) so I can't help the original poster.

      Gas is averaging at about $1.10 Cdn. The Canadian dollar is currently worth just a little less than the US dollar, so it probably works out to the same 7 SEK