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  • January Tournament

    The first Sumo tournament of 2008 began in Tokyo yesterday. It was a packed house. There is a lot of interest in this tournament as Yokozuna Asashoryu makes his return following a two-tournament suspension.

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    Well, a day of upsets as three of the four Ozeki and one of the two Yokozuna were defeated, including returning bad-boy Asashoryu. Some exciting Sumo. After the Yokozuna was upset the cushions were flying all over the arena, always a fun sight!

    In other news, this being Coming-of-Age-Day in Japan there were plenty of pretty young ladies in their finest kimono in attendance among the sold-out crowd in Tokyo.


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      Ooh, long story. I didn't talk about this before?

      Hang on...


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        Read all about it here:


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          Well, the tournament is at the halfway mark and Yokozuna Hakuho is the sole undefeated man thus far. About 7 guys tied for second place.


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            Last day (senshuraku) of the first tournament of '08 and an exciting one it was!

            For the first time in 5 years two Yokozuna with the same record met on the last match of the last day to decide the whole show!

            And the Yusho goes to... Hakuho!!! In an amazing match between two guys at the absolute top of their game the newer Yokozuna beat the all-but-unbeatable Asashoryu in great, straight-up classical Sumo.

            Great, great Sumo on the last day!

            And Hakuho wins the Emperor's Cup (and a few dozen other cups - many of which are too big for the old men presenters to actually pick up and hand to the winner, though they gamely try). The Prime Minister's Cup in particular is about the size of a Buick. And he wins a whole bunch of other stuff, from a whole cow to a year's worth of gas to a year's worth of beer to Lord knows how much rice and lots of other goodies.


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              Anyone gonna watch the May tournament?


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                Wish I could Ju....


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                  It would be fun to try anyway!