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    Hey guys,

    I'm really looking to get into jujutsu and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a solid place in new york city. i spent the last two weeks trying to check out places and i actually was fortunate enough to visit this forum on a previous thread:

    check that link as it was a conversation between mr.miyagi and ipon?

    in any case, i was thoroughly impressed and completely agreed with what was said there. the dojo i chcked out as well in riverside, in the basement was a complete letdown so for any one else also considering, DONT even bother checking that place out.

    what i DO want to know if the good schools never advertise or barely do, can anyone recommend me any places as i will never be able to find them.

    anyone heard of eizan ryu 214 W 29th street looks like a not bad place. can anyone confirm or recommend another ?

    i also checked out danzan ryu in new york city...any thoughts people?


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    the jinenkan has a school out that way. yasuragi dojo the cho there is adam mitchell he is a very capable technichian. they focus on functionality over all else so check it out.


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      can anyone else recommened a place?


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        My friend trained here, function no non sense:

        Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Yamabushi-ryu Jujutsu