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Trying to chose a martial art.

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  • Trying to chose a martial art.

    Hello, I am in need of some advice from people within the world of martial arts.

    I am a 24 year old male, of moderate (less than great) physical fitness. For about 6 years in my childhood I took Kempo Karate reaching the rank of Green belt.

    Before getting to high school I dropped out of martial arts altogether, and it is a decision I have since regretted. I want to get back into it for many reasons (that I will discuss in a second) but am unsure of where to go. Do I stay with the discipline I have already been trained in, or do I start fresh with a new school?

    I am a professional musician and am interested in getting back into martial arts for many reasons. The primary reasons are for health, discipline and meditation. I wish to be in better shape and also develop strong self discipline skills in the process. I am also deeply interested in Asian culture as well as the rich tradition and history that goes along with martial arts. The kind of school I am looking for would focus to some degree on all of these things. Real world application would be a plus but is not a focus of mine, and competition (despite my competitive nature) is at the very bottom of my list.

    In terms of styles I believe that I am looking for a fluid, perhaps soft style of martial arts. A style rooted enough in actual combat that I could enjoy sparring with friends, yet meditative and perhaps even dance-like in that I can enjoy solitary meditative practice. Although I realize these wishes tend to lean more towards Chinese arts than Japanese, I am more interested in the Culture and Traditions of Japan.

    Through my searching on google I have found that many of the attributes I am looking for conflict with each other, or are not the focus of easily accessible modern martial arts schools (perhaps a symptom of innefficient research, but that is why I am coming . At my original dojo, one time I attempted to go back, and found that with my peers who had stuck with it, I was frustratingly out matched in classes, yet in adult beginners classes I was bored beyond belief, the only option was intermediate-advanced childrens classes... which at 18 was rather awkward for me.

    I could really use some solid advice here, I am moving to Cleveland Heights, in Ohio this August and would really like to make martial arts training a part of my new life there.

    Thank you for any help and input.


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    Traditional Japanese Jujutsu maybe? That might fit the bill. Or maybe something like Iaido?


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      Aikido might fight the bill.

      First you need to know what you want technique wise out of the art. Do you want striking, throwing, joint locks, wrestling etc or a combination of 1 or 2 or all of them. What did you enjoy doing in the last art you trained in? If you don't find something you enjoy doing you won't stick with it.

      I think once your more specific, people will be able to help more.


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        In terms of techniques I am not too partial to one thing or another. I enjoyed the rigorous punching, kicking, and other drills of kenpo, but also enjoyed the kata. I just wished the kata were more fluid. sounds odd i know but i like my striking hard and fast and my movements fluid and smooth. I feel like the aikido that ive seen does not incorporate much if any striking whereas my experience with kenpo and karate was almost exclusively hard strikes and straight lines (not 100% true but I think you get the point)

        As i said in my original post Im in it for the training aspect, the culture but most importantly the discipline and development of will power and concentratiom/meditation. I need to get in shape, relieve stress and better learn how to focus.


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          Classical (Japanese) Jujitsu offers everything you are looking for. Get in with a good Ryu and you will love the system.


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            Yeah, Japanese Jujutsu it is I think.


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              Don't expect the ground work in Japanese jujitsu to be as intense as the ground work in brazillian jiu jitusu, it isn't but you gain a lot from the stand up, throws and weapons.


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                since you are moving to ohio i would say to seek out the bujinkan or to shindo based schools. they have striking and grappling, meditative practices, cultural. and you can enjoy using it on your friends. although they might not appreciate it. oh and kata they have kata but they are two man sets. hope this helps. oh and you will get your japanese jujutsu in with them too. its a plus all around.


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                  Originally posted by tenzen View Post
                  although they might not appreciate it. oh and kata they have kata but they are two man sets. hope this helps. oh and you will get your japanese jujutsu in with them too. its a plus all around.
                  They have really nice ones in the back of the Kodokan Judo book.


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                    hey hard ball...what do yomean classical japanese jujitsu?

                    i posted a thread a ocuple days ago and barely anyone responded. im alos looking for a jujutsu place in new york city, but it seems that all the good places barely or rarely ever advertise.

                    currently, the people on a previous thread recommended professor bill mccloud as he teaches a combination of veejitsu + sanuces + atemi ?

                    i've love to hear your thoughts or anyone else on this matter.


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                      Originally posted by mrilovesundaes View Post
                      hey hard ball...what do yomean classical japanese jujitsu?
                      I mean it's not Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Check out this site AJA - Home Page or Daitobukan Ju-Jitsu Dojo - Towson, Maryland