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  • aikido

    well i like to hear yours oppinion on aikido.

    i've heard it is hard style to learn and takes tremendes time an devotion to get good at it, is this correct?

    would aikido work in a streetfight?

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    Aikido is good BUT...

    Aikido is all about DEFENSIVE and FLOWING. When you learn it, it looks like a dance.

    Aikido takes years to get good at. It is totally defensive so there is NO offense to it. Therfore it is good for self defense BUT the key is to react to your opponent instead of inflicting damage. OH YEAH, traditional aikido's philosophy is to protect your ATTACKER... kinda gay if you ask me.

    Once you get a couple years of Aikido under your belt its pretty kool to know. I heard after u get to black belt and really high up they teach u body manipulation sorta like Aiki Jujitsu where u can actually take the fight to the opponent.

    I liked the concept but I found that Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu is pretty much Aikido with offense. The problem is Daito Ryu Jujitsu is only taught in I think Indiana???? and Japan.


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      Two of my wife's brothers are Black Belts in Aikido. I watched a training class once. It consisted of "attackers" obligingly holding their hands out for the defender to grab. It was just so unrealistic.

      If Aikido is that effective, where do it's techniques it feature in NHB?



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        ok thanx


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          Renzo Gracie once described BJJ as "Aikido on the ground" so I would say that it holds a significant place in MMA.

          Aikido is indeed the real deal. I know Aikido masters who, although small in stature can throw a 6ft4 250lb man around like he was a rag doll. As for the obliging partner thing that is mainly in the McDojo type Aikido schools where the students really dont want to do anything too agressive or serious, they just enjoy what Aikido does for their spirit.

          If you go to a hard Aikido school like a Tomiki school you will learn brutally effective techniques. The great Jigaro Kano said of Aikido when he first witnessed it, "This is how I had hoped my Judo would be" .

          It is also worth noting that Morihei Ueshiba was an expert in Daitoryu Aikijujitsu which is where Aikido has its origins. He then added elements from Kitoryu, Yagyuryu, Shinkageryu and the like.
          Therefore Aikido is a legitimite form of Jiu Jitsu as is Judo which has its origins in Tenjin Sinyoryu, Kitoryu and other styles.

          So who do you believe my friend? A bunch of know it alls on an internet messageboard or History itself? The styles from which Aikido originated were proven on the battlefield as effective and brutal forms of fighting.


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            ok, but you did't exactly answer my questions.


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              It would seem that you are too focused on the arrow to notice the beauty of the moon my friend.

              I shall spell it out for you then, in terms that hopefully you can comprehend.

              "i've heard it is hard style to learn and takes tremendes time an devotion to get good at it, is this correct? "


              "would aikido work in a streetfight?"


              I hope that was simple enough for you.


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                How about this question - Do we have an Aikido practitioner that has made any impact whatsoever in any NHB tournaments?

                Answer - No.

                "Arrows" and "Moons" are the talk of those who instill all kinds of ancient and mystical powers on the Martial Arts. All these wonderful things are "demonstrated" within club demos on willing participants or, at the very least, people who so believe in these "masters" and desperately want to believe that these things work.

                It's a bit like believing in ghosts, mind reading, talking to the dead and the Loch Ness monster...... When it's time to prove your case scientifically you can't.

                And a fighter worth his salt isn't going to leave his wrist out for you to grab. So you're totally helpless.

                Hope I haven't disturbed your "Ki" too much, Grass Hopper.


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                  NHB events mean nothing in the street... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

                  NHB is FULL Contact... but still has a lot of rules.

                  Can't eye gouge, strike to the through, kick in the nads, c'mon bro those are all legitimate street fighting techniques. Oh yeah also no finger locks, wrist locks (now sure about that one) toe locks and whatever else.

                  NHB is the toughest event out there today but it still has nothing on real street fighting.

                  Also grapplers can't take on multiple opponents which does happen on the street. Even if your Royce Gracie, 5-10 guys will beat your ass on the street.

                  Aikido addresses real life combat, taking on multiple opponents and keeping damage to yourself at a minimum.

                  Grapplers , even most strikers have to take a little to a lot of damage before they win a fight.

                  Just something to think about.


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                    Grdstrom is completely wrong.

                    First of all, the various attacks you mentioned such as nut shots, eye gouges etc can't be done if the other guy is controlling the position, as a grappler will, or controlling the distance and peppering you with shots, as a striker can. You could know every trick in the book but you can't EXECUTE it against someone superior in these areas. Do you think because I know a nut strike or throat shot my chances are improved against a Coleman or Vanderlai?! Guys with these skills are more capable of pulling out the dirty trick then some idiot depending on the trick to get him through.

                    Secondly-the argument that grapplers can not take on multiple opponents while some dancing akido pansy, who can't realistically deal with a single attacker, can is complete horse doo. Striking and controlling the distance would be better, but grapplers, such as Newton have shown that a quick slam in a street fight can get rid of one opponent quickly or if you have a guy down on concrete and hit or smash his skull into the concrete chances are you will END HIM quicker than standing strikes .

                    Finally the idea that akido is for real life and keeps your own damage down is complete crap with no basis in reality. If it can't be proven effective against a single man with skill then how the hell are you going to beat several non-ukes?!

                    Akido is completely unrealistic, no akido guy has done crap in reality combat ,which does have alot to do with the street because the majority of elements are the same, and they never will.

                    Akido may work against some homeless guy grabbing for your change or against a wife going for your credit card, but that's it.
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                      Just to ad a peronal note, so you know this isn't theoretical knowledge. I've been in several street fights, two with multiple oppononents (5+ guys), and if you think your akido crap is going to keep you from getting hurt then you are in for a world of pain. No matter what you know you will get busted up and bloody, at least when dealing with men who aren't standing there waiting for there turn to attack!

                      The best you can do is know the basics inside and out, hard direct punching and kicking and solid wreslting skills can help you to survive and inflict some of your own damage. You may take out two of the guys and still get blindsided. Bottom line is multiple attackers will mess your day up, and akido will only get you hurt worse.


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                        Even acounting for the differences between NHB combat and street fights, why don't the Aikido-kas sweep the board in competiton? Afe=ter all, their art doesn't rely on techniques such as eye gouging anyway. All the Aikido wrist locks and throws are legal.

                        But they won't because they can't.


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                          Good thread. Wish there were more like this.


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                            Originally posted by Shimora
                            It would seem that you are too focused on the arrow to notice the beauty of the moon my friend.

                            I shall spell it out for you then, in terms that hopefully you can comprehend.

                            "i've heard it is hard style to learn and takes tremendes time an devotion to get good at it, is this correct? "


                            "would aikido work in a streetfight?"


                            I hope that was simple enough for you.
                            well lets see. the thing is my questions was really easy to answer because i did't wan't some bif time astrolegy lesson. i just wanted the facts. there is a saying here in norway " you get what you ask for"

                            there is a lot of norwegian sayings i could youse for you right now, but i don't know that many english words.

                            and here is a lesson for you. " don't underestimate" let me know if you don't understand. i'll spell it for you.


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                              People have BLIND faith in their grappling.

                              Why the hell are you talking like your going to fight NHB fighters on the street??? Fact of the matter is "90% of the fights go to the ground" is complete bullshit. On the street if someone wants to mug you, they'll have a weapon, what does BJJ or any other grappling art teach you how to defend against that? Yeah they tell you to shoot for the takedown but chances are your going to get stabed, slashed, your hit with a bat before that happens. If they don't have a weapon, they'll have a couple buddies with them. If you take the fight to the ground, ur gunna get your ass kicked by the other guys. If you trade punches, you'll probably be boxing 1 guy while the others sneak behind you. One of the keys to aikido is immobilize someone who is striking at you as fast as possible and get away.

                              I'm completely wrong that a grappler can't take on multiple opponents??? your a complete moron if you think grappling is anything more than a 1v1 kind of deal.

                              Please shut up with the NHB thing. Aikido in theory is suppose to protect the attacker, therfore any damage done is very little or so its suppose to be. The basis of Aikido is not to inflict damage or to start comflicts, therfore it would be illogical for an Aikidoist to even compete in a NHB competition.

                              If Aikido is so useless, why do police forces teach officers aikido moves?

                              To hardcore 1v1 fighters, aikido looks like crap because the philosophy of the art is to get away from a conflict and not to hurt someone. SELF-DEFENSE to me is to get out of a situation as fast as possible, why the hell would I want to wrestle a guy to ground in the middle of the street? Wait for some of his buddies to smash my face in with a pipe?

                              For a person who wants to learn to FIGHT, no nonesense, of course they would learn such arts as grappling and boxing but if someone wants to learn straight self-defense, a little aikido is a very good idea. When you say aikido is total crap, you are totally wrong. different martial arts have different applications.