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Judo for Self Defence and the learning curve

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  • Judo for Self Defence and the learning curve


    I am a little new to the forum and I am happy to finally be part of it.

    I have been thinking about starting a judo course in my city to improve my self defence skills. Last night I was attacked and my phone stolen. The fear of someone attack you unaware had a profound effect on me. I felt helpless and scared. I had been thinking about learning Judo for sometime now but I couldnt figure out if i wanted to study Judo or Brazilian Jujutsu. After this experience and exhaustive research and speaking to other teachers I decided to learn Judo. Judo is convient because the school is like 15 mins away walking. The BJJ school also is interesting and I will add some BJJ skills in the future but with no car it will take me 2 hours+

    Now I know and respect that mastering Judo is a lifetime study but I am thinking about the time it will take to be able to defence yourself. I know some boxing which is easy to learn but on certain forums people say it will take 6-10 years in order to be able to defend yourself.

    please be aware i am not interesting in learning judo to go around beating people up. and if this happened again i would be more likely to try and escape but this attack was done when i least expected and if i had some skills i could have at least thrown the guy or got out of the clinch long enough to run away.

    Tell me your thoughts.