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MT:Should I be wearing thongs when I train?

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  • MT:Should I be wearing thongs when I train?

    Should I be wearing thongs when I train? By Stealthy - 05-05-2011 03:16 AM



    In all seriousness though when Australians says Thongs they mean something to put on the feet.

    I see all these references to training in Geta and while I never wear Geta I do in fact wear Thongs three seasons a year.

    While saying "sure wearing thongs is great cause maybe you might get in a fight one day while wearing them" is accurate it is also barely scratching the surface of their potential.

    The key problem with wearing Thongs is you can not twist your foot to re-orient it(which even when wearing shoes presents a whole new set of problems not limited to loss of traction and increased noise).

    When it comes to foot placement while wearing thongs one is forced to place every foot perfectly before weighting it. This requires an ingrained forsight which includes range limitations, direction of travel, which foot is going to be placed in front of the other and when conditioning responses to unknown attacks an appreciation for the opponents ranges, weight distribution, and therefore likely direction of travel and potential attacks.

    Personally I find thongs indespensible for training, what say you?

    With Respect,

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