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    Ken Tai Ichi Jo By Stealthy - 07-08-2011 02:19 PM


    <div>Warning this thread contains material created by Non-Ninjutsu practitoners if your ego will not allow you to respect it then leave now.

    The following material is extracted from a modern interpretation of an old black and white film produced in the 1950's.
    <a href="http://<a href="" target="_blank"" target="_blank">http://[URL="</a></a><br /><br />Call me a glutton for punishment but this is a good example and I believe it belongs here unless of course someone can link a better clip illustrating Ken Tai Ichi Jo which is actually made by super awesome fluffy bunny Ninjers.<br /><br />Certainly there is nothing wrong with transmitting the body weight through a proper Ninjutsu style shuto-ken(I have no problem delivering maximum power onto hard targets with mine) so he's a little bit off to suggest that it's not but by the same token as with all biomechanics the closer to your own centre the more stability there is so in some instances delivering through the forearm may in fact be best(insert your"][/URL]" target="_blank">http://

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    The makeup application for textured skin can be sometimes complicated