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    Gendaijin no Ninjutsu By Meitetsu - 03-16-2013 02:23 AM


    I finished my translation of the Gingetsu Itoh book Gendaijin no Ninjutusu.
    Gingetsu Itoh's final book on Ninjutsu. Revisiting the historical origins of Ninjutsu with his trademark historical narratives, this time Itoh "Sensei" lays out his theory of how Ninjutsu can be leveraged in this modern world. He parallels these applications with detailed accounts of Ninjutsu training and fighting methods. Clearly laid out with illustrations from the original text as well as his translated notations. Itoh Sensei has dramatically described the way in which Ninja gained their skills and laid out his vision of what Ninjutsu holds for the people of today.

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