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MT:Do the Xkan discrimanate puertoricans?

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  • MT:Do the Xkan discrimanate puertoricans?

    Do the Xkan discrimanate puertoricans? By alahan kumori - 04-15-2013 10:09 PM


    Hi, well i make this question just o inform my classmates about how hard is for puertoricans to join to xkans mainly to the genbukan. some friends had to join nindo ryu or in my case to dux ryu just beacuse no one teaches xkan here and no one answere the petitions to join in the states, so is there my question, "there is discrimination to puertoricans?" we see theres a lot of countryes who have a lot of dojos but here not here. hope just be a wrong peception. please some take me out of this doubt.
    thank you.

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