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boxing as a self defense?

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  • boxing as a self defense?

    i'm curious to know what you guys think of boxing as a self defense? if you knew a guy that was pickin a fight with you was an exceptional boxer would you run? i remember reading about bruce lee and his fascination with boxing and there footwork . was he on to something?

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    Well, I think almost everyone would have a hard time against a tough boxer, someone like Mike Tyson I mean. Sure boxing is not as complete as other MA.
    But a "street boxer" sure knows how to deal with different MA.
    It is true that Bruce Lee liked and incorporated many boxing techniques and strategies, but he did the same with other MA which made his system so complete and good for him.

    If I'd meet a tough boxer, like any other tough martial artist, I would try to avoid a fight. I wouldn't be ashamed to run away either. A street fight is never good, whatever the results.


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      boxing alone is great for self defense. this is undeniable. it makes u tough as ****, and turns you into a fighter. i dont think anybodys gonne be pushing around a decent boxer. also being able to depend on your hands only if needed is a great advantage.

      fighting a good boxer is never a good idea, regardless of what style its against. bruce lee saw that boxing had alot to offer. he noted all the different combinations that could be used in different ways as well as the fast footwork which enabled great mobility and evasion skills as well as a delivery system, not just for punches but for other techniques as well.

      i never thought much of boxing until i actually started training in it. it will rock your world u wont truly realize how many important skills and attributes it gives u as a person and as a martial artist.


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        I agree with Mike Brewer, good but no good for multiple opponents.


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          track and field are pretty good against multiple opponents.


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            thanx guys

            thanx guys, ive been havin crappy luck with findin a descent dojo in my little town. i just left an uechi ryu dojo because there goal was to deaden the nerves in the arms,legs and chest through conditioning(beating)! not my cup of tea. i was in a wado kai dojo but got tired of beating the brownbelts in point sparring(beleive it or not using boxing). so i thought maybe some boxing and ill try some hapkido and judo to go with it. ill let you know how it goes . good thing there are good peeps like you guys around to talk to. Good Luck with your boxing mike brewer . ill be watching for you!!


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              I think you will like the Judo but I have to warn you, there are Hapkido schools and then there are Hapkido schools. Some of them have become very watered down, so beware.


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                Originally posted by Mike Brewer
                Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is good for multiple attackers except training specifically for multiple attackers. Still, I think boxing's better in that situation than Judo or BJJ. At least it teaches mobility first, ya know?
                Yep you're right. But if you have the ATTITUDE that you are defeated against multiple opponents; then YOU ARE. First you have to change your attitude. Then as you said, train for multiple opponents.


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                  If I could only train in 2 styles for self-defense

                  It would be boxing for the striking component(mix in some elbows and head butts for good measure)
                  and some form of grappeling: bjj, submission wrestling, or judo


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                    I never used to think boxing was good for self defence, then i recieved a punch to my stomach off a lad who has been doing boxing for a few years now and he is big. Lol i felt winded indeed. But boxing is good but like Mike said you need to be able to fight in every range if i boxer is taken down then he is done for against a MA that teaches ground work. Or you could stay out the way and feed him some kicks you know but always avoid them punches they will sure as hell hurt.


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                      You will never get inside a good boxer.(...just friendly advice!)

                      You better know something else...and good.

                      All the bouncer's say: "You don't wanna pick the boxer!"

                      ...Don't they?!


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                        (I wonder...)

                        ..if this is the real reason we have'nt seen a good boxer in the UFC et al. yet?!

                        We(?!) keep saying/assuming that a bit of groundfighting is the minor side to the equation.

                        !then there's the is business so it might ruin a boxer's out injure him ?!


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                          Originally posted by Hardball
                          Yep you're right. But if you have the ATTITUDE that you are defeated against multiple opponents; then YOU ARE. First you have to change your attitude. Then as you said, train for multiple opponents.

                          Thanks for that Hardball, If there is one thing about most martial arts that bugs me more than the false confidence they tend to instill, it's that VICTIM mindset...

                          To my knowledge most pentjak silat styles consider a minimum of three "enenies" and as many as ten...

                          Of course they have little value for the lives of "enemies" so it's as much about putting their heads on spears for trophies or spreading thier guts all over the place as it is about getting away safe..... Kill them all or die trying to...the more the better. Bring it!


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                            "Martial" means Good for killing many enemies.

                            I understand what you're saying Mr. B and you're right too. The little bit of Pentjak that I played was more like simulated CQC. I was taught how to defeat personal body armor (among other things) back when only the good guys had that stuff. (mid eighties) It was VERY disturbing to me at the time because I couldn't understand why this guy was basically teaching us to kill (cops were) the only folks that wore it. Maybe he was just ahead of his time ( or a psycho?) I still don't know for sure...


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                              This is an interesting conversation here but I think its for another thread I mean if this is about boxing lets discuss some stff about boxing a little but its just my opinion. But seriously I like your guys conversations.