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    I was thinking of getting into JKD. I'm 5'11" and weight about 215. I got a bit of a beer belly. Would I be killing myself if I joined a JKD class or do you see this class as still feasible for someone like me if I was serious about it. I'm new to anything like this. Anyone have some input or suggestions? Thanks.

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    I would say you would not be held back by you wheight or beer belly. When i do JKD i do get tierd and get a sweat on. But it helps keep you fit and its fun. Also you might be able to lose some of that beer belly by doing JKD. If not i don't see that hindering your abilities in JKD. Somethings will work for you some wont, discard those that don't, and keep those that do work for you. That is JKD.


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      Well, a belly hasnt slowed down some of my students. However, for someone of your statue, ever consider grappling arts?


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        True the extra weight in grappling helps. Specially when they lying on can get cramped. :P


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          I've found that people who have the beer bellies generally benefit from martial arts. Some guru's themselves are fatties, but deadly mofo's. Something like JKD which is spar heavy should help you get in good shape, and if you get into it & supplement your class workouts with some roadwork/bodyweight exercises you might find your beer gut disappearing.


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            i was thinkin about that myself, i always thought being chubby or obese or any kind of overweight state would make you less able to do martial arts