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Trapping while in the tie up

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    Nice thread about tie ups guess you might also want to read this, i've read this thread and found it interesting too.. u guys trap ???


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      It’s a question I have been asked a lot over the years “does trapping work in a functional situation?”. My answer is…..who cares?

      Its so far down the list of consideration that its a moot point. Whether the situation is ring, mat or street - there are arts designed, tested and proven for that arena, so that’s what I am going to use. These aren’t the environments to try and test a theory for the sake of semantics, you have a job to do so you pick the right tools to do it. I have major tools in my arsenal that are designed to take care of the problem, without finding a convoluted way to do so, in order to just prove a point.

      So what’s the point of trapping? Don’t know, frankly I am baffled by its popularity. It looks cool, it feels pretty cool to train in, and it provides a non athletic and aesthetically pleasing alternative for people who don’t really care about fighting. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t understand the need to try and convince yourself or anyone else that it is effective in arenas where it is simply surplus to requirement.


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        WOW.... I am amazed to see te thread back up again since I started it way back in 2006. I thought it was dead.

        I just wanted to jump in here and say that I only asked the question in the first place because I myself was being asked this while doing seminars and or classes. I am of the same mind of Mr. Wright... which is I do not care.

        I personally use basic traps in the tie up range and on the ground. However with that being said let me point out that the traps are not something I look for while fighting. If they are there then great they just happen. If they are not there then I do not go looking for a trap... period.

        I believe in ending a fight as quickly as possible by using any means I have to in order to do that from any system I have trained in.

        Thats it... just wanted to make sure you guys knew this was an old thread...

        Have a great week


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          Hey Tim,

          I hope you are well, how's things?

          Haven't been here in a while myself, looks like quite a few old threads are making a comeback. This was a good one, and I saw where your original post was coming from, the discussion just quickly lapsed into the old "does trapping work".

          Anyway, good to speak to you, drop me a message and let me know how you are doing.

          Take care


          p.s. Whats this "Mr Wright" business??


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            Hey Michael,

            Things are good. Sorry about the "Mr". Its a habit/respect thing.

            Yeah I have not been on here in while and now I see this dang Knowledge Bot every where and it is starting to get very old seeing the same topic multiple times.

            I have been working out of state/town since August so it is good to be back home. I just started my class back up and that is going really good.

            I am sharing the space with a guy who runs a Cross Fit gym so I have started implementing Cross Fit into my martial arts classes and it is great. The guys hate it while we are doing it but afterwards they like it because they feel the results.

            Hope all is well in Scotland