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Open Question: Krav Maga/Jeet Kune Do?

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  • Open Question: Krav Maga/Jeet Kune Do?

    Ok background: 129lbs, 5'1, 21yrs old, 30% body fat I go to the gym 3-4 days a week. I do about 45-60mins cardio and soon I will start incorporating strength training into my workouts. I wanna take a fighting class that will not only help me get into shape, but will also teach me skills that can benefit me as both a civilian and a cop. Hence why I wanna take either Krav Maga or Jeet Kune Do. Will taking either of these help me build muscle and get toned? Anyone know of any good places that teach these in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Arlington, Malden, Everett, etc.? Thanks!

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    I've taken KM for a few years. It works for what you're looking for in LE and there were several LEO's in my classes. I've actually done a transition to JKD, or am in the process of doing that now. You will get in better conditioning initially by going with KM in my opinion, however if you pay attention to the JKD basic core concepts, you'll have a better understanding on stance, footwork, etc, which are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and I wish I would have had that driven in our heads in KM. Your footwork is you base and maintains your center of balance at all times... Just my .02


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      As a law enforcing agent, i'd suggest you going for Krav Maga. Many elite military and law enforcement agents do Krav Maga.