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We all came into the world fighting.

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  • We all came into the world fighting.

    Has it made you free today ?


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    Bumpus I'm having a hard time believing that you train.


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      Originally posted by redwave540 View Post
      Bumpus I'm having a hard time believing that you train.
      I came into this world crying because someone hit me on my bottom side to make me breath as I was born.

      I wanted piece and not war, even though I was always fighting to achieve it but I had no knowledge in how to do that.

      Other people tried to teach me there way but it alway led to some kind of combat for me.

      My Dad always taught me to never start a fight because he would whip me. Dad also said never run from a fight either or he would whip me. Stand up for yourself which ment nothing to him but fighting.

      One day a boy started a fight with me by hitting me with a plastic ball bat first across the back on my legs. I returned the fight by hitting him down over the top of the head with a real steel golf club.
      The fight stop immediately and He went to the hospital and received many stitches for his reward.

      He lied and said I started the fight and I received a beating from my Dad because I was acused of starting the fight.
      The next day a women told my Dad that she saw the whole thing, and that the other boy started the fight first, and that I was only defending myself.

      Dad tried to say he was sorry for not finding out the whole truth before he punished me. That did not help very much at the time and it effected me most of my younger life.

      This all happened when we were in the first grade in school.
      Latter on when the boy and I were in the 12 grade I still held a grudge against the boy for all those years for lying and causing me to be punished for something I was told to do.

      I challenge him and started a fight with him to pay him back in a street fight action off of school property and at the time I believe and felt I had won.

      For the last 30 years I have regretted that decision.

      I train everyday in my mind over all that matters.
      If I don't mind it don't matter.
      If it does not matter I don't mind.

      As far as Martial Arts in a physical aspect I did that in the early 1970's in my early twenties and then I stopped. I had very well trained and highly reguarded teachers and instructers. I trained with them quite often sometime 5-6 days a week

      Much of what i was learning did not matter to me, ( Katas, competition, tournaments and trophies etc. ) as I only joined a Martial Arts class to learn to defend myself and not be aggresive toward others.

      Breaking boards and cinder blocks did not interest me for I found them to break with out any Martical Arts Training. Most of that is a deceptive trick, and not by mind over matter or power.

      What I found was mostly offensive fighting which did not interest me because I did not like fighting and still do not like to fight today.

      Since that time I have been Thankful to God that I have not had to fight physically. I am 60+ years old at this time today.

      This is me and my Jeet Kune Do which consist of and I have experience in about 6 styles.

      Iam still fighting today and will continue to fight until the day I die.

      But that does not mean that I am loosing which does matter ! ! !