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  • T.Carruthers

    are his online subscription lessons effective? Is he a good guy/instructor? Where is his dojo? Finally, how much does he charge for a lesson at his dojo?

    Basically I'm thinking of joining his dojo, I just need to know some info on the guy before I just jump in.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Further to previous answers, I personally think Mr Carruthers is very good at what he does. In addition, his students are also very good, which tells you what you need to know about him as an instructor.

    His school is based in Glasgow, and (at the time I trained with him) his prices were very reasonable. I haven't looked at his online lessons so can't help you out there.

    If you are looking for original Jun Fan Material, taught with a strong emphasis on functionality, then he would be a very good choice.


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      Thanks for that. Could you give me an idea about price? 10? 20? (dollars, pounds whatevr). Thanks again.


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        Hi jkdyopman,

        I have been a member of Tommy's online school for about 9 months and can say it's very good. The level of instruction is extremely high and the lessons are well structured and explained. I can honestly say I got more from Tommy's online lessons and through consultation with him via his forum, email and telephone, than I did from years of private instruction prior to joining his school. He's a really good guy and very generous with his time as long you are honest with him.

        Check his website Tommy Carruthers: Jeet Kune Do Instructor UK for more information, prices etc.

        All the best.


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          This new stuff might be interesting for friends of Tommy:

          Tommy Carruthers Interview - How Bruce Lee Changed the World

          TV programm about the first JKD seminar in Ekaterinburg, Russia

          Jesse Glover interviews TC, Switzerland, 2002
          Size: 200 MB / 204896 KB (you'll need DSL or another broadband connection). Codec: XviD, video: Avi, audio: AC3 (original DVD audio format). Scroll down, click "free" and wait for the download code (about 160 seconds). Then a colored alphanumeric code will appear. Type the code (a combination of three letters / numbers) in the free field next to the "download"-button and finally click that button.
          Sorry, the original sound wasn't better.

          Here's the uncompressed version (no codec needed), video: Mpeg, audio: AC3

          1.) (203 MB / 207878 KB)

          2.) (183 MB / 187828 KB)

          3.) (201 MB / 206062 KB)

          4.) (209 MB / 214298 KB)



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            took me time to read the forum but its actually great. People should know about this more.