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Bas Rutten on Bruce Lee

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  • Bas Rutten on Bruce Lee

    Got to agree with Bas, he is on the money with this comment.

    YouTube - Bruce Lee in mma ?

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    I dont agree!
    First MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts...well thats what Bruce was all about.
    He said as long we got to legs and to arms...we just fight and use what is need to be used to win.
    I think Bruce would maybe loose in a ringfight...cuz there are rules and a refferee..yes offcourse if Bruce would train he could do it in the ring.
    But Bruce trained to beat you streetwise! His jab was an eyejab...his lowkick was a hookkick to the knee..his hook was a slap on the ear...his grappling was ripping your mouth open...and so Bruce was trained to win a fight in seconds...not in minutes with all kind of rules.
    So Im not with Bas on this one!!


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      Bruce Lee's Students

      Bas Rutten has no idea what he is talking about. One only has to look at the quality of Bruce Lee's students to see that he was a REAL fighter. James DeMile was a 225 pound undefeated boxer in the Air Force, Jesse Glover was a terrific athlete and champion judoka, Ed Hart was a 240 pound professional boxer, Howard Williams is an incredibly skilled martial artist, the late Larry Hartsell was a combat instructor for several law enforcement agencies, Bob Bremer was deemed "Chinatown's Number One Ass Kicker," and the list goes on. In sparring sessions, Bruce Lee handled all of them with ease and several of his students can vouch for Bruce Lee's abilities as a street fighter.