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Interesting notes from Tao of JKD

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  • Interesting notes from Tao of JKD

    If you study Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD in any way, you most likely have "Tao of Jeet Kune Do". Even if you DONT study JKD, you likely have "The Tao".

    On Page 40 and 41 there are several scans of Lee's notes but they are written in Chinese. I have read elsewhere on the internet that at least some of these writings/pictures are Lee's notes on Dim Mak or pressure-point fighting/targeting.

    Based on what I know about Lee's method of research, I am guessing he copied these notes out of a Chinese printed gung fu manual he had from various schools and styles. This seems to be his "style" when he finds info out of a book he found useful, he would sketch/copy down the info for his own personal notes (as is evident from many of the other drawings elsewhere in Tao of JKD).
    Please look at the attachments.
    I am showing these because I am wanting to know if anybody here can read Chinese and can translate these? I am most interested in knowing what the 3rd picture (all text) says. As far as I know, these notes have never been translated into English before.

    Thanks for looking!
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