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Interfusion of Yin & Yang in JKD

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  • Interfusion of Yin & Yang in JKD

    Hello everybody,
    I have always been somewhat perplexed by the picture in Tao of Jeet Kune Do, page 48 that shows two drawings, with arrows around the hand and a % labeled for each arm. Next to it, it says "Equal distribution - Interfusion of Yin/Yang"

    I am curious what point this is trying to get across. One picture has a 80% on the Mon Sao and a 20% on the Wu Sao. On the other picture, it is a 70/30 distribution. I am assuming this is from Wing Chun, so if anybody can clarify what this diagram is trying to say, I would be grateful!

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    i have not seen it before ,sorry to say that