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Rick Tucci on YouTube - MUST WATCH!

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  • Rick Tucci on YouTube - MUST WATCH!

    Has anyone else checked out Rick Tucci’s YouTube channel? Wow it is awesome!

    YouTube - RickTucciPAMA's Channel
    He has demos and instruction in Jun Fan JKD, Silat, Kali, and Muay Thai.
    Sifu Rick Tucci certainly displays his vast knowledge of the martial arts on his YouTube channel. His motions are natural and fluid when he performs the techniques. I appreciate the way he breaks down the movements in the videos and I can actually follow along. There are so many videos and so much variety in the content that it’s easy to spend a long time watching clip after clip. I definitely recommend checking out the video of Sifu Tucci performing the one-inch punch. It’s worth watching several times. I haven't found any other videos of this caliber anywhere else online. It's great to see such dedication, passion and respect for the martial arts.

    The YouTube channel inspired me to buy some of his DVDs. The quality is fantastic and so much info.

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    Thanks for this! Good stuff!


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      I second the OP's sentiment. These videos are excellent.

      I am grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Sifu Rick Tucci on a handful of occasions and can also vouch for the quality of the DVDs.