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    I'm seriously considering switching to a strong side forward stance. My major concern is that by doing so i'll be putting my lead leg is the firing zone of my opposition's attacks and sacrificing the knockout power of the rear kicks/straight boxing punch. I do feel more comfortable with a Right Lead, although when I spar I tend to revert to a left lead since its what I am used to (Muay Thai).

    Can someone give me the positives and the negatives that come with switching to a strong side forward stance? Is it a wise choice for me to make? I am mainly training for sport.

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    Strong side forward still can fire a good hard right hook or a left cross to knock people from their feet. Its the way training the strikes that make you deliver a knock out blow.

    Im a southpawl and I have the strongside forward as base. But I switch while fighting.
    Meaning for example when I throw a left kick and when left leg lands in front i keep on firing with my left stance (orthodox). So my advice. Dont think too much about stances.

    If you fight in the southpawl and you fight an orthodox fighter. Watch out that you dont stand in his firing line, so keep your right foot always outside.

    This is a video of me in my strong side forward training

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