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Senior Instructor Mike Vanbeek Aug 3-5 Anderson SC

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  • Senior Instructor Mike Vanbeek Aug 3-5 Anderson SC

    We are holding a Self-Preservation seminar extravaganza in partnership with Individual Fighting Systems in Anderson, SC with Sifu Michael Vanbeek, a Senior Instructor of Progressive Fighting Systems and a Full Instructor with the Descendants of the Masters. Sifu Vanbeek has over 34 years experience in Martial Arts, including 23 years experience in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Using his firsthand knowledge as a Bouncer in Chicago's toughest bars, and a Personal Bodyguard, he has created a tailored program to ensure you Survive the day-to-day Violence.

    Friday August 3, 6pm-7pm: Predator Prevention Program, an anti-abduction seminar for children. Parent/Guardian must attend and participate!

    Saturday August 4 and Sunday August 5, 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm: Surviving the Violence, a self-preservation seminar showing the techniques and tactics taught to S.E.A.L. Team 6, over 50 Police Agencies, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. All of this is designed to help you Survive the Violence. This is a 2 day seminar, and lunch is provided by the staff both days.

    Saturday August 4, 7pm-8pm: A Fighting Chance: Women's Self-Preservation Seminar. Every 2 seconds a woman is raped! Learn to escape the violence, and handle an attacker!

    Sunday August 5, 7pm-8pm: Seconds Over Repetion (SOR) Program. This is an exercise program that uses the latest in fitness technology and scientific research to maximize your health and fitness potential. This program focuses on rounds instead of pounds. With no excess or expensive equipment, you can learn do the same cardiovascular, aerobic, and muscle-building workouts that are used by Guiness World Record holders, UFC stars, and fitness professionals the world over! This is the first time this program will ever be made available to the public and put on DVD.

    Every seminar will be recorded as part of Sifu Vanbeek's first DVD shoot. Come and join us! For more information call 864-437-0009, or visit STOP THE VIOLENCE DVD SHOOT WEEKEND

    Every one that pre-registers will also have an opportunity to receive the DVD set at 45% off!