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Tactical OC Spray Training Course

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  • Tactical OC Spray Training Course

    Tactical OC Spray Training

    This program trains the student on the understanding of the use and limitations of OC Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum). This training covers the following:

    o The various types of chemical defense sprays available.
    o The range of potential effects of OC Spray on an attacker.
    o The potential dangers of OC Spray.
    o When and how to deploy OC Spray. Stances and verbal commands and tactical movement.
    o Decontamination procedures.

    Training is done with inert training units that spray water (supplied by the CSPT). You will be able to train for real and actually play out scenarios.

    DATE: Sat. Nov. 10, 2001 - 9:00am
    LOCATION: The C.S.P.T. - Paso Robles, Ca.
    COST: $40.00
    CONTACT: 805-239-3761

    Equipment Needed: Bring your own OC (pepper) Spray for product evaluation. When purchasing pepper spray, buy two units.

    Demi Barbito
    The C.S.P.T. - "A Lethal Force Institute"

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    Mace is probably one of the best weapons availible. It saved my wife when she was 16. She was in a scary situation in a parking lot after a concert. Her and her friends where hanging out in one particular area of the parking lot. My wife had to go to her car and get something out of it - she went alone and was confronted by some degenerate drunk (concert trash). He grabbed her wrist and she sprayed the whole bottle in his eyes and got in a knee to the balls and some eye gouging. The guy was caught by the police. He was screaming with pink spray paint on his face. If my wife didn't have the mace - I don't even want to think of what might have happened. Scary...

    I think its a good Idea to show how to properly use the product for self defense. Wish I wasn't on the opposite side of the country..


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      Everything here at this site management training is super useful. That’s why I choose to go with this site, for all the right reasons. I think you guys should definitely visit here for your own good.