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Wrist weights for punching quick, are they good?

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    People use small weights when shadowboxing because their perception is that it increases the resistance, and therefore the speed and pressure, of their punching. However that’s all it is, a perception, one that simply stems from the feeling of moving from heavy hands to lighter hands, which creates the illusion of increased speed.

    Research has shown that weighting the hands when punching creates resistance in the wrong direction i.e. downwards, and therefore places pressure on the wrong areas of the muscle, to do the wrong job. I appreciate that Bruce Lee and others used this method, but that was to the best of their knowledge in the 1960's, sports science has come long way since then.

    The correct method of resistance to increase your isometric performance in punching is resistance bands, which work the muscles in the right way, in the right direction


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      Wrist weights

      I bought some 1 1/2 pound wrist/hand weights from Sport Chalet. Your thumb goes through the middle and it has a velcro wrap that goes around your wrist. I put them on and then put on my 18 OZ boxing gloves. Works good. The weights have small bb's/shot in them. Additionally, I use exercise bands during training in my garage.