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    Bil-Tze (Thrusting Fingers)

    Are there any Wing Chun practitioners around? If so, do you know of any sites which have a detailed explanation and run-through of the third form - Bil-Tze (Thrusting Fingers) - ?

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    I study Wing Chun, but not of a Yip Man lineage. Our third form is not Biu Jee, so I can't help!



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      Wing Chun Lineage...


      Of what lineage is the Wing Chun that you study? DO you know how it differs from Yip Man?


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        Wing Chun

        I study Cho-ga (Cho family) Wing Chun under sifu Randy Tay. Our system comes from Cho On, a contemporary of Yip Man who left HK for Malaysia. Our system can be described as Malaysian Wing Chun

        We have different forms - little Idea, Chase Hitting, Random Hitting, a dummy form, a pole form, and a butterfly sword form. Little Idea is pretty much everything from the Siu lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Bil Jee forms blended into one form, the other two go on from there.

        Apart from organization, the differences are probably subtle - after all, a tan sau is a tan sau. We like a lot of "indirect" hitting (off centre-line like a gaansau or jau sau movement), elbows. There are a lot of levering throws that strike me as very silat-like. The chisau I find is a lot "heavier" and "drills" in more than in what I experienced in a JKD class. My experience with Yip Man Wing Chun comes mostly from JKD, which as you know was modified to suit Bruce's needs.

        Rene Ritchie has a great book on non-Yip Man Wing Chun lineages. Ours isn't in there, but the art is really a diverse one!


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