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    Bruce Lee and San Inosanto started to work together. When they were doing some projects at the Statler Hilton they discussed the subject of swordsmanship. Bruce mentioned that he thought that the most interesting way of countering in fencing was the stop hit where you were parrying and countering in just 1 movement so that when your enemy, the person you are fighting with is trying to attack you, you intercept the movement and move with a thrust that you do yourself.

    The idea of those whole things was to score a hit in the middle of the action that your attacker is trying to do. And the thing you do makes it the most economical of all the counters. Bruce then added that they had to name their method the stop hitting fist style, or the intercepting fist style. Inosanto decided to ask what would be the name of the style in the Chinese language, to which Bruce Lee answered that it would be called Jeet Kune Do.