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boxing blast..???

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  • boxing blast..???

    I have heard of Burton Richardsons "boxing blast" as being an improvememnt of the " strait blast".. can anyone explain it..? i know its hard to describe movememnts in words, but just some views on it will do as well. pls dont mistake this as being a " what technique is better than the other" ...its just a question .

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    Throw a jab and cross in rapid succession.


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      Watch a rerun of the Vitor Belfort/Vanderlei Silva fight in the UFC. You'll get a sample.



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        thanks for the reply, i will for sure check out the UFC tape of tough dude. its nice to get an honest reply, and not criticism which seems to be found alot. thanks alot guys, my cup is always empty....


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          More than the eye sees...

          The "boxing blast" is more than just a jab-cross combo thrown over and over. It's a punching technique that uses hip rotation and straight thrusts to achieve awesome power. If you look carefully, Vitor would catapault his body into his opponent. He would start the sequence with a jab-cross, but once he got his rhythm going, he wouldn't use jabs, he'd use straight thrusts. He would step with his right foot and throw a left punch, using his hips for maximum power. Then he'd reverse the sequence, stepping with his left foot and throwing a right punch and vice versa. His fight against Vanderlei is a great example of the technique, so is his fight against Tra Telligman. Hope this helps.


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            boxing blast

            thanx for the great explanation, when i thought of jab cross....i couldnt see the power, but your explanation makes sense of things. thanks again, ..... still blasting!!!!!!


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              power blast

     is another question to ponder over. there is the strait blast (wing chun) the boxing blast (burton r) and then there is the power blast (bruce lee). does anyone have experience in the power blast, and how it differs from the others. just a question to anyone who can help me out.


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                Bruce Lee called it the straight blast, which basically works the same as wing chun chain punches except your intent originally is to throw many straight punches (straight lead, straight rear, .... etc) wheras in wing chun you dont start with the intent of throwing many punches, you have hit with something, a fist a palm a finger a whatever, and then you strike down the same line (the centerline) because you already occupy it (with your original striking limb.)

                Im sure the "boxing blast" is no different then a straight blast except lineage/marketing randomness.


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                  Originally posted by yenhoi View Post
                  Bruce Lee called it the straight blast, which basically works the same as wing chun chain punches except your intent originally is to throw ..........

                  Nice explanation ..........thanks


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                      Wonderful explanation

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