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    I also wrestle in school, I'm in 11th grade. i wish it had more submission moves like armbar etc.


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      I've dabbled in many martial arts, but TKD is the one I have the most experience with. Here's a list.

      Shotokan Karate - Green Belt. The lesson plan to recieve a black belt was over $1000.00 so my dad made me quit.

      Korean Martial Arts: Muk Do Kwan, Ji Do Kwan, Tang So Doo and a little Hapkido. More than 10 years of experience.

      Boxing: About 9 months formal lessons... Still training solo.

      Wrestling: 2 years of high school wrestling.

      Grappling/submissions: My weakest area. I try to pick up tips whenever I can. I've learned a lot through books, videos and friends.

      Muay Thai: Learned kicks, elbows and knee concepts from friends, a professional fighter and other martial arts seminars.

      Chinese Gung-fu: Learned bits from my step-brother. Wu Style Tai Chi, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Sanshou concepts, Choy Li Fut and Hungar.


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        Dirk Johnson

        Yes, Dirk Johnson and Peter Morales (when they were in Denver area) were my WuShu instructors for several years.

        I don't know where he's at now, but I'm pretty sure he's not practicing at this time.

        Originally posted by lssanjose View Post
        I took kung for three years , aikido for three months [college course].

        as far as my kung fu experience was concerned it was really hybrid. I didn't know exactly what I was learning at the time. There was a mix of traditional and modified wushu along w/ some kickboxing style sparring. The drills were odd though. looking in retrospect the teachers then were trying to get their certificate in JkD concepts or so i've heard when they'd talk to us. I'm still not sure if it was the case ..but it seemed like it. He would say stuff like this comes from the jun fan / kali principles .. a muay thai drill here and there. I think we did some chi sao..and since i was 9 or 11 at the time I was even less sure of what I was learning there. even whacked with some kali sticks for a few days. We still did fighting sets or forms though. The sparring drill though were somewhat dead but maybe it was for tool refinement as i look back. It was just that hybrid. If any of you have heard of a Dirk Johnson [1% chance of that happening maybe even less heh!] let me know yeah?

        Aikido, seemed cool at first. I thought hey .. use your opponents force against him.. cool [by far one of the few real essences of the art i fouind]. But the thing that bugged me was how we practiced techniques. I don't see it as a combat art ..nor I don't think it was intended to be for combat ..but either way.. footwork was really negated. that was the real downside.. no aliveness in other words. I learned katas and stuff too.

        take it easy all



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          You realize this thread is about 8 years old? Just saying...


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            Girls that were only 10 when this thread was created are now legal.


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                Just few ones

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