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  • Stop worshipping Bruce

    "i know alot of folk discredit bruce lee, think hes underrated"

    If only you were being sarcastic.

    Actualy I think the people on this forum are a bit obssessed about him. He is OVER-RATED.

    "I think bruce lee would have become a great scientist if he had studied science"

    NO, to be a good scientist you need to be good at science. Bruce was good at fighting. Science is not the same as fighting.

    Bruce was not a god, or an alien, he was not ressurected and now working as a secret agent. He was just a guy.

    He also had many bad points (I don't care if you call me a heretic). He could be angry and violent. He was OBSESSED with training. He wore a silly yellow tracksuit in one of his films.

    Bruce never was and never will be perfect. Trying to copy him won't make you as good at fighting as him. Praising him and saying how great he was and how much we all must respect him won't make him come down from heaven and grant you wishes.

    This forum may as well be called the "wasn't bruce great, how can I be more like him?" forum.

    Follow the tracksuit, the holy tracksuit of Bruce
    No the gourd, follow the gourd
    He has left us his sandal, it is a sign that we must do the same!

    Great film, life of brian. (quest for the holy grail was good too though)
    Yes, Bruce is being worshipped, it must stop
    Thou shalt not speak against almighty Bruce, thou shalt be smitten. WOOOOAAAR WATOW!

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      true dat


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        I might just take down that wall scroll . . i don't even look at it much. Let alone bowing in front of it. Heck the picture it depicts i'm not much of a fan of. I'll pay my respects, that 'll be as far as I go. well i'll be inspired by his words. but will i worship him like pray to him weekly .?? nope..


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          I know he didn't get to finish "Game of Death", but the whole thing was just a bunch of self indulgent horse shit. All this going up the levels, beating other arts with his own as he went....... Sad.

          But, of course, he didn't actually fight the champions from those other arts in real life.........


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            I don't worship Bruce Lee, but I know that he was a better martial artist than anyone I've known... Nuff said.


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              Here's some things said by thai bri. IO felt that the belonged here.

              Lets review some of the classic arguments given by our Church of Bruce Lee Worshippers:-

              "bruce lee was a featherwieght quicker on his feet than anyone or possibly anything that ever existed" Yeah. Quicker than anything that ever existed. This is clearly not illogical hero worship.........

              "Ohh and if i want to hit trees and it makes me happy is'nt that living the way i please. hitting trees takes care of the im gonna do what i please, i meditate to calm the soul and bring happiness." Hmmmm. Hitting trees? Sounds impressive, eh? Until we get to the next quote.........

              "Sorry im bullshitin ya about beating up trees, but i do use sand and pebbles." Oh dear. Bullshitting. And I thought you were scientific.

              "Name someone, anyone, since then Hmmmm? At only 135 pounds able to stop a 400lb bag with a kick?" A 400lb bag? Wow! Sounds impressive....... until, of course......

              "I admit I was wrong about the 400lb bag. It was a 200lb bag made by Bob Wall" There. Thats more like it.

              "The reason Bruce didn't fight well known people is because it became dangerous for him to even spar with people without holding back." So, he DID fight them. But he didn't. Both at the same time.......

              "I challenge all of you who say bruce lee was not anything less than what penocde had to say cuase its all true. Come find me and i'll beat your ***." A classic. Needs no comment.

              "Thousanths of a secaond could mean 20/1000ths, 300/1000ths, 5/thousanths." Yeah. And thus it becomes totally meaningless. Maybe it could mean 3000/1000th? Who knows. What bollocks.

              "Ohh and please, if you must bring no guns or such. a knife is unfair but if you want to bring it by all means all cut you with your own knife. i don't fear death like so many of my competitors." He don't fear death, man. He don't fear the rules of grammar, neither. Man.

              "gracies? sorry i don't know who they are..." Of course you don't. Your knowledge of the martial arts is way too sophisticated for the Gracies......

              "if you dishonor my teacher with disrespect. He would be happy for me to uphold his honor by taking on you. im sure that was'nt the most proper way to tell you. But, too tell you the truth i don't really care. First of all i did'nt send a challenge to anyone who does'nt like bruce. that'd be absurd, but i did send a challenge to all of you who disgrace his name with blasphemy." I love this one. The religeous fervour! The passion! The barely literate style! A true classic!

              "What I have learned over the years is that people only will believe what they believe to be true. Even when presented with information the fact still remains ignorance must really be bliss." Fancy. People will only believe what they believe to be true. How silly of them. Durrrrrrrr

              Yes. This thread contains the knowledge and wisdom of another Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Bruce would be proud...... so proud. Remember, people (and say after me) - ""if you dishonor my teacher with disrespect. He would be happy for me to uphold his honor by taking on you."



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                I can't beleive someone suggested that bruce could punch 1000 times in a second.

                He was a small man, didn't really fight anyone worth mentioning, wasn't particularly strong. Doesn't make a very good hero really.


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                  Don't forget. He also made crappy movies.


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                    pre-mature, you guys are on the wrong forum. Granted you're funny ( all of you ), but you are on the wrong forum.


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                        well let them do their thing I guess but don't bring it on here in the forums. Sooner or later they'll be smacked into reality.


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                          Thank You
                          but you have to admit their funny. where does that dream on stuff come from?
                          never mind do wana no.


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                            Can you explain what you mean i think i mised someting before or something


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                              My opinion is as follow:

                              Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time in terms of the reality of the Martial Arts (of waht's real and what's useless crap.) If he were to fight great fighters of today, how would he fare? He would've gotten his ass whupped. But we need to rationalize that had he know about MMA then what we now know about the reality of martial arts, he would've been a great fighter even by today's standard. Let's say if at his physical peak, we can bring him back and train in a combination of standup and ground, he could be one of the best, if not the best in his weight class and maybe more.

                              So what I am saying is that No, he should not be worshiped, but yes, he should be respected as one of the pioneers of martial arts in the west and he was way ahead of his time. Just ask, how many of us, or who we know, can say that he/she is way ahead of his/her time right now?