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MT:What is the difference between Kenpo/Kempo and Kajukenbo?

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  • MT:What is the difference between Kenpo/Kempo and Kajukenbo?

    What is the difference between Kenpo/Kempo and Kajukenbo? By AriesKai - 03-26-2010 05:53 AM


    Now I understand what the word Ka-ju-ken-bo means:

    Ka - Karate
    Ju - Judo
    Ken - Kenpo
    Bo - Chinese boxing

    (at least, this is what i've found only over the internet alone)

    And I understand that the above simply states that Kajukenbo is pretty much a mash of a number of great martial arts techniques... But what exactly is different between Kenpo and Kajukenbo? How are the two styles/arts alike and how are they different?
    As far as I have researched, Kajukenbo is placed in the Kenpo category.

    I am not really interested in any "style vs style" competition; but I am interested in how these two arts are different in regards to overall technique and approach.

    I am curious because I have found a strong liking to both!

    In Kenpo, I have noticed more neutralization of the attack (from the attacker), followed by pursuing the attacker placing him in the defensive, and quickly ending the fight - all with powerful and almost (if not) ruthless attacks.

    I have found locations near me that offer both Kenpo and Kajukenbo, and I find no real logic in trying to study both arts at the same time (as that would only be counter-productive; no?).

    Hopefully, someone with great experience and knowledge may explain this to me in "layman's terms"!


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