Basic self defense curriculum? By Mark L - 02-16-2011 07:33 PM


A few of the folks I work with have been after me for a while to put together a series of sessions that'll serve two purposes: give them an intro to MA, and provide some rudimentary self defense capability. Personally, I don't think the notion will get past the legal department, but it has prompted me to consider a curriculum.

I don't run a dojo, have no interest in starting one (by any definition of the term), but am certainly open to sharing with those that ask for it. I've been both practicing and teaching for quite a long time, so I have a bit to offer, and the notion doesn't scare me. By way of background, my core is and always will be kempo, but the guy I've been studying with for the past dozen years has added lots of stand-up and ground ju-jitsu.

So the question: What kind of stuff would you include in a 6-8 session curriculum?

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