My Kosho Ryu experience By koshojones - 02-28-2011 11:06 AM


Hello everyone. I had noticed a little bit of discussion about Hanshi Bruce Juchnik and Kosho Ryu with respect to escrima, aikido, and other arts. I would like to share my personal beliefs and experience with you all. I have been a student of Kosho Ryu for over 5yr. I had the privelidge of attending one of Hanshi's seminars that was held in our dojo in Byesville Oh. My sensei has studied under hanshi for over 10 years. I would like to begin by saying that Kosho Ryu, in my mind, is not a specific system. We view Kosho Ryu as a method of study. More of a mind set, if you will. The beautiful thing is that everyone who spoke about Kosho Ryu with respect to escrima and aikido and jiu juitsu was entirely correct. I would like to go a step further and say that Kosho Ryu is found in any system or art. We believe that all arts hold the secrets to good martial study. In Kosho Ryu we study body motion. We try to look beyond the deep horse stance or lunge punch or high block etc and ask ourselves, why. There are many mysteries about ourselves hidden in the most basic movement or technique. That is the beautiful thing I have found in this method. We are ecoursged to look into other arts and study them. We look for similarities in each art or even in different kata of the same art. There is a saying that says don't look too hard at the leaf for you will miss the forest. Do not look to hard at the forest for you will miss the leaf. All of our arts contain the leaves. Thank you my friends.

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