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MT:Bob White Invitational 2011 - Report/experiences

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  • MT:Bob White Invitational 2011 - Report/experiences

    Bob White Invitational 2011 - Report/experiences By Sandanchris - 03-27-2011 01:27 AM


    Hello All,

    I had a great time at the BWI, I was blessed to support this fundraiser and have some fun.
    I met a lot of folks here from MT:

    Prof. Bishop
    Mr. Cole
    Mr. White
    Vishal Shakula

    I was also blessed to be introduced to Mr. Ed Parker Jr. by Mr. White....what an honor.
    There where some Kenpo greats there such as: Mr. Speakman, Mr. Sepulvida, Sigung LaBounty, Eddie Downey, Mr. Dye and many others.

    I have the pictures up on my facebook if you want to check it out!

    After the tournament we went to the white house (no not the one in DC)
    and I had a great discussion with David and Mr. Cole. Today has totally
    enthused me in my journey in AK.

    I am really thankful to give back the the Martial Arts community that has
    blessed me so much!

    Thank you Mr. White and Mr. Shakula
    for putting on such a great tournament.


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