Lack Of Power In Techniques By MJS - 08-08-2011 07:21 PM


One thing I notice when watching some people do techniques is the lack of power in the strikes. Seems alot of the time, people are just going thru the movements, barely making any contact, or moving the body. I could see this, perhaps when they're first learning something...of course you want to go slow to get things down, but even when the speed is picked up, its more light touch/slappy stuff, instead of contact.

I've always said that the arts involve contact. Why people can't understand this, is beyond me. Nothing is more frustrating, when you see someone do this, go to correct them, and within seconds, they're right back to doing what they were doing before. Isnt this part of what makes Kenpo, Kenpo? The contact, controlling the body, etc.

Anyone else experience this while teaching a class, or during seminars/camps?

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