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MT:Goodwill or Devaluing of the Art?

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  • MT:Goodwill or Devaluing of the Art?

    Goodwill or Devaluing of the Art? By Wo Fat - 08-09-2011 08:53 AM


    My colleague and I have been discussing the issue of discounts, freebies, etc., regarding the tuition and other fees that we charge. We are both fairly young schools (2 years) and have some experience to gain.

    One issue we've been discussing is whether it's a good idea to give discounts on tuition -- or in some cases, free tuition. Admittedly, we have done both. The main reason was to get people in the door and on the mat. If we started off with "charter" or ground-floor" students who received discounts, hook-ups, etc. it would look like "the place to be."

    But there is the notion that when you give away or deeply discount the tuition, you are devaluing the Kenpo/Kajukenbo arts.

    How do people feel about discounts, comps, etc.? Bad idea? Goodwill?

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