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    32 Classes from Orange to Purple By Thesemindz - 09-03-2011 01:19 AM


    <div>I have previously posted my 32 class Yellow Belt Curriculum, and my 32 class Orange Belt Curriculum. This is my 32 class Purple Belt Curriculum. Like the others, it is a step by step series of classes and drills designed to instruct the student in the techniques, patterns, knowledge factors, and practices I teach at this level. Also like the others, this is not so much a concrete timeline as it is a theoretical progression of skills. The purpose is not to get locked in to doing things this way, but rather to provide a loose guideline for advancement from Orange to Purple.

    At the first level, the students learned how to move their bodies. At the second level they learned how to train with a partner. At this level the students are learning how to manipulate the opponent with strikes and grapples, as well as getting their first basic introduction to sparring practice.

    I'm going to warn you now. This is long. It's just a rough outline but 32 classes adds up. I think it's easy enough to follow, but if anybody has any questions feel free to ask.

    You probably won't recognize the technique names. Some you can probably guess. Others you won't know. If you need specifics ask. It should be generally clear from context.

    This is formulated with the idea that I would have a group of students all training at the same pace and never missing class. Of course, that's a completely unrealistic scenario so I'd have to make changes almost immediately. But in an ideal world, here's what the curriculum would look like. Bear in mind, this is still a work in progress and is more like a flexible idea than a rigid teaching schedule. If you see any drills or activities you like you are of course welcome to them.

    Purple Belt Curriculum

    Techniques<ol class="decimal">Lone Kimono

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