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MT:Self-Denfense Private Lessons - What to do?

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  • MT:Self-Denfense Private Lessons - What to do?

    Self-Denfense Private Lessons - What to do? By psyon82 - 10-20-2011 04:26 AM


    I recently made 1st degree black belt in Kajukenbo, so now I'm eligible to privately train clients. I have a client who is only interested in the self-defense aspect and not so much in katas, belt progressions, etc. He took private lessons with another Kajukenbo instructor in the past, but he feels like he lost his sense of confidence in being able to handle a self-defense situation. Unfortunately, his previous lessons focused on techniques and there was minimal development of the fundamentals. So I went into this thinking we'd start at the basic level. I've instructed the kids and adults class solo on several occasions, and I take private lessons with my instructors (technique-based instruction). But as this is my first client, I am at a loss as to how to design a private lesson "curriculum".

    Currently we meet once a week for an hour and a half, and it will soon be twice weekly. I would like some advice on how to maximize our time together without progressing beyond his capabilities. I'm noticing that I get so excited to show him different techniques that I forget he doesn't even know the basic principles let alone the proper weapon formation. But I don't want to bore him to death by going too slowly. I recently picked up the 5 Infinite Insights volumes at the campus library for additional help (I'm also a blue belt in Chinese Kenpo). Thank you for your advice, and I hope all is well.


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