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    Black Belt Thesis Questions! By Sandanchris - 10-30-2011 01:37 AM


    Hello all:asian:

    One of my instructors has suggested that I begin the process for my next BB test and thesis...thus,
    I wanted to get some input and advice before I begin:

    My goal in this thesis is to "update" or modify current techniques within the Shaolin Kempo System using American
    Kenpo concepts. Over the years I have modified the system to include defenses against all sorts of attacks not just
    the usual stepping through punch that is seen in almost all of the SKK techniques. In this thesis I wanted to compare
    and contrast the "original" technique to the "modified" and show the concepts contained within. I will also be doing a
    DVD illustrating and demonstrating the "changes". I will be focusing my attention to the 21 Self Defense Techniques and
    10 Grab Defenses that are required for Black Belt ranking. My following thesis will focus on the 26 Kempo Punch Techniques
    and the advanced Self Defense Techniques.

    A few questions:

    Do you think this type of thesis is valid/warranted for 4-5th Degree Black Belt?

    What would you want to see in a thesis?

    What overall suggestions do you have for someone submitting a thesis?

    I really value your input!


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