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MT:Thoughts on Kenpo 5.0?

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  • MT:Thoughts on Kenpo 5.0?

    Thoughts on Kenpo 5.0? By SPX - 12-06-2011 09:23 PM


    First off, I did do a search for this, but the most recent thread I found on the subject was from 2007. . .

    But what are everyone's thoughts on Kenpo 5.0? I should point out that I have no Kenpo background, so I am asking both for general info regarding Kenpo and, in your opinion, what it's benefits are over other forms of Karate, as well what you think about Jeff Speakman's system in particular.

    I ask because we have a 5.0 school here in Utah and I'm looking to get back into martial arts. In the past I've studied TKD and I'm considering getting back into TKD or possibly going the Wado-Ryu karate route. But I figured I would get some info/opinions on Kenpo 5.0 as well.

    Also, to get it out of the way, I know some people are going to want to respond with "Just go check out a class . . . that's the best way to evaluate the style." I agree, but the problem is that I don't have a car and it is quite a ways away, so that's not an immediate option.

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