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MT:are we allowed to adjust material?

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  • MT:are we allowed to adjust material?

    are we allowed to adjust material? By KempoGuy06 - 04-19-2012 11:00 AM


    I got in a discussion a couple weeks back with a classmate about some of out techniques. We were discussing how they could be adapted to this situation or that situation when we hit on a particular technique that i have difficulty executing as instructed due to my size and lack of flexibility.

    I told my friend that i had changed it a little to better suit my size and flexibility. He liked it so much that he know does it because it feel better to him.

    Well another one of our classmates overhead the conversation and said that I should not change, that i have to keep working at it until I do it the way i was taught. I explained to him that it was nearly impossible and mildly painful to do it the way i was taught, so i changed it slightly so that i would be able perform the technique as best to my ability.

    I was wondering what you all think. Am i right? Am i allowed to alter things to suit me? Or is the other guy right? Should i continue to practice at it until i get it down? what if i never do? do i just drop it? Im in a situation where i test for ranks, so does that mean i never move on until i get this down? (thats an extreme hypothetical but all the same it works for the thread)

    Im curious as to what you have to say


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