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MT:Cerio/Masters Black belt returning to study EPAK style

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  • MT:Cerio/Masters Black belt returning to study EPAK style

    Cerio/Masters Black belt returning to study EPAK style By 08Neely - 04-12-2013 08:53 PM


    Greetings all,

    Recently my son began taking karate classes at a reputable studio teaching an EPAK style of Kenpo.

    I earned my black belt in 1995 back in New England and stopped practicing in about 97 when I moved out west. The studio I studied at is still in the same place with the same instructor which amazed me.
    It was basically Villaris/Cerios and at the time was affiliated with masters Jim Bryant and Nohltey (sp.
    ?) under the Masters banner. Since then it has returned to Villaris and has some of the more reputable practitioners affiliated with it.

    After watching my son and seeing his interest level escalate I have decided to make a return to martial arts and start actively practicing again myself.

    I am very much looking forward to working out again but am curious to see what some of you folks think about a few things.
    I will be wearing a white belt (or I am assuming so anyway) the way I see it, 15 years removed from practicing I feel like I would be unwarranted in wearing a black belt.
    I also do not want to be perceived in a negative light wanting to wear rank I earned elsewhere even though we would be considered distant cousins.
    Ultimately I will defer to the instructors on this, it has not been discussed but I am sort of looking forward to moving through ranks with my son.

    Overall I remember large chunks of material, probably everything to Green belt without much thought. Beyond that I can see it and remember it but would need to work to regain the action without thinking.
    Question I have here is something I am torn over, should I work my older material back up while I learn this new Kempo or should I exclusively focus on the new material only?
    Initially I am thinking I should stick only to rank equivalent material to ease in and not worry about the rest.

    Does anyone have any experience in crossing over between a Cerio/Villari system to a Parker variant after Black Belt?
    Any thoughts on similarities?
    Any major differences?
    I am choosing to see it as a tremendous opportunity to add to what I know or knew and perhaps offer insight into a system that has been hurt by that USSD debacle out here.

    Another question I have is if anyone has experience in returning after a layoff of 10 years or more.
    I am sure not as flexible as I was and years of less than clean living have left me overweight and out of shape. More than anything I think my biggest challenge will be to manage my own expectations.
    so any insight there would be welcomed. I have played team sports throughout so I am not completely gone, think a 6-4 guy clocking in at 280. I can still move and fast too, just in

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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