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tkd vs karate

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    hey sup

    TKD is mostly based on fancy kicks and the use of hands for blocking. Karate is a very linear style with more punches and only the use of basic kicks. karate has many katas which are very unrealistic. Karate, though, has many useful blocks and counter-attacks, unlike TKD where it is a more offensive art. neither is better than the other... it just depends on wat u like better... offensive kicks=TKD... defensive blocks/punches= Karate


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      nobody performs the same, everyone will change the art slightly to benifit themselves. Its all about what you want from the art - the main differences are the people that practice the arts.


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        There are lots of crazy theories in regard to Karate and Taekwondo. The facts are however tell a different story.

        In brief, Taekwondo contains most everything that the various styles of Karate contain, but with a more Okinawan, rather than a Japanese flavor in it's basic training. During the Kwan period, it was more one the Japanese side. This includes forms, breaking, defense against grabs and weapon attacks and 16 different types of sparring. Now, add one more type of sparring that uses full force blows, that was not traditionally in Karate and you basically have Taekwondo.

        As for the comments about Gen. Choi creating Taekwondo, he would have everyone think so, however, the fact is he was very junior, learned most of what he knew from NAM, Tae Hi (Chung Do Kwan) and never practiced Taekkyon according to the Korea Taekkyon Association in Seoul. Also, he never trained anyone while he was in Korea. He created no Masters in Korea!
        He did not even create the Chang Hon Hyungs, they were made by NAM, Tae Hi and HAN, Cha Kyo, bot hof who currently live in the USA. He did however come up with the philosophy of the Chang Hon Hyungs of the Oh Do Kwan.

        The only Dan he ever held was honorary 4th Dan, and he was ultimtely stripped of that by SON, Duk Song (NYC) when he lied about his martial arts experience in a Seoul news paper article, stating he had 20 years of experience and was a 6th Step (Dan).

        By the way, the Oh Do Kwan was the only Kwan to practice the Chang Hon forms, no other Kwan accepted them.

        Best Regards,



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          TKD is Korean and Karate is Japanese.