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how do Hapkido and Tang Soo Do differ?

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  • how do Hapkido and Tang Soo Do differ?

    how do Hapkido and Tang Soo Do differ? are they complimentary to one another?


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    HKD vs TSD

    Consider that TSD is more like TKD or Shotokan, that is it is more Linear then circular.
    HKD is more circular than linear. HKD is more for in close self-defense while TSD is more for balistic distance self defense.

    Yes, they are compatible.


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      Tang Soo Do vs. Hapkido

      Tang Soo Do is primarily a stand up striking art. From my experiences, it is about 50% kicking, 40% strikes and 10% grappling (mostly escapes from holds). The goal of TSD is to keep striking your opponent until they are down.

      Hapkido is more of a mixed style. Its about 50% kicking, 40% grappling and 10% striking. The grappling portion of the art is combination of sweeps, takedowns, finishing holds and escapes. The goal of HKD is to stun/damage your opponent with kicks so that you can grapple (mostly stand up) and close the gap, control, break something or throw. Since there's alot of takedown work, you learn breakfalls and rolls (like the ones taught in judo/aikido).

      Depending on how traditional or modern the master instructor is, you get weapons training in either traditional staff, short sticks, sword or improvised weapons like blades, chains or even rolled up magazines.

      Korean arts in general are known or heavy kicking, so stretch those legs safely and do a good deal of running.
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