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  • Passing the Art down...

    good afternoon ladies and gents,

    if any of you had the time or knowledge, can you please tell me the correct rules and regulations (if any) pertaining to, privately teaching and/or passing the art down to my children. as well as promoting them in rank, certifications, etc.

    I earned my tkd black belt back in may 1991 as a junior in high school. i stayed in tkd until i graduated high school and went off into the military. i ventured into different things since then...

    ...muay thai, bjj, marriage, kids, and this crazy thing we call life! but i've always found time to get in a couple hours every other week to practice tkd with an old tkd buddy of mine. nothing formal, we would just try and stay sharp with the basics...katas, one-steps, target kicking. we would even free spar from time to time! imagine that, two thirty-something , over-weight guys trading leather in my garage =) i may not move or get in the splits like i did when i was a junior in high school, but nonetheless i still got the basic curriculum down to a tee. with that said, i'm ready to teach, and my kids are ready to learn. i just need to know the rules, regulatons, and propper etiquitte on this subject before i begin.

    thanks for all your input!

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    With a bazillion and one organisations, you asking not a little.

    You can train with your kids (which I try to avoid like the plague, but that is me) up to where you are comfortable. Rank belts can be overrated, really.

    The problem you will run into is that not everybody recognizes the rank achieved with another organisation. I'd see if a dojang is in your area, but be also aware, there can be huge differences.