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  • wrist problems

    im beginning to develop a bit of an RSI in my wrist and i was wondering if i should keep training my wrists (the usual wrist press ups etc.) or take it easy? Although im pretty sure its just because im using a keyboard at work most of the day could my training also be contributing to it?

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    RSI? (sorry I am feeling very dumb today!)

    If you are on the computer all day, take measures to relieve any stress on your wrist.

    I just moved and I still have my computer on a temporary desk and I noticed my whole arm hurting like crap the other day! First I didn't know why, but then when I found the aching spot on my upper arm and the pain shot through to my wrist I finally got it! (less computer time for me - but I am only playing...)

    You should definetly see a doctor about it. It's kinda tough to tell from a far, some conditions you can (and should) work through, others you need to give it time to heal!


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      you need to do constant wrist stretches. i learned how to do a number of wrist stretches from an aikido master, which i practice everyday. not only are my wrists strong, they are flexible. ive had my wrists bent backwards a few times in jiu jitsu only to escape the wrist lock because they have become so flexible.

      just stretch them out good and proper a few times a day, everyday. they should get stronger and better.


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        Alright thanks for the help guys, I will do some wrist stretches and see how it goes, if it continues then i better just go see a doctor, though im one of those people who will avoid the Doctors unless i absolutely have to go.

        RSI is a repetitive strain injury


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          LOL! Thanks!

          But in all honesty go see the doc first! Because nerve conditions get worse if left untreated, and it could be something else all together!


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            You need some rest and boxing wraps.
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