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I solating an injury?

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  • I solating an injury?

    I managed to do something last night....

    Focus front kicks are not my thing, they hurt like hell (but the similar motion in ballet has also eluted me, way back when I was knee high to a grasshopper)

    I tested last night, after a round of judging and rather limited warmup....I try, but nerves get in the way....

    sometime after sparring it felt like a cramp in the right upper thigh (though my stronger side, the leg has always had a hitch in it somehow...) but I could not stretch it out not locate the the whole area all around there and the hip joint is tender and a shade sore... anybody had something happen like that?

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    I actually had something happen similar, I was doing a front snap kick to the head, and felt a pull up above my hamstring. My hip, periformis and butt have been sore now for about three weeks, went to the doctor and since I am testing for 1st dan in 4 weeks chose not to pursue it, so I got some muscle relaxers and pain medicine to hold me over. It hurts pretty bad. I stretch alot during the day but not much is helping. I hope you feel better soon.


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      I think I might have gotten 'lucky' and it's not a muscle pull but a pinch in the nerve.

      After a couple of days on Ibuprofene and staying off of it it's feels OK, but I won't know for sure till I go back to work out...the thigh/hip area is just very tough to locate an ouwie....