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Anyone study TKD?

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  • Anyone study TKD?

    I'm going to a school Monday just to check it out. I study Wing Chun and JKD but as I'm in a battle with my weight, I thought this would be a big help in keeping active. If we can reach an affordable price, I like the fact that the school is just down the street from me with times I can actually make with my schedule. Aside from the obvious, being 39, and not really flexible or much of a kicker and I think little kids dominate in this style, but the other problem is I'm not a yeller - hence, my interest in Chinese arts. I'd like to take advantage of what this school has to offer me but will the fact that I'm a quiet and shy person in general hold me back?

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    Do it.

    Go in with a positive mental attitude, pay attention to the details while you're learning the basics (as a beginner, technique makes all the difference in power) and practice, practice, practice.

    You'll do just fine.


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      Never measure yourself with the kids!
      a) you don't have to be good at something to enjoy it
      b) things get better over time

      As for the yell....consider it part of the learning experience. Do things you normally wouldn't do and see where it takes you.

      Yelling can be very theraputic in a life we have to be quiet and conform all the time.


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        Well, I have to admit, some of the people I work with really make me want to scream.....


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          Originally posted by Laura View Post
          Well, I have to admit, some of the people I work with really make me want to scream.....


          Screaming and yelling are different things.

          As my instructor tells the kids: You scream from fear (in your case from anguish ) but you yell to install fear...

          A good battle cry is half the success!

          Besides, you yell you can't hold your breath! You hold your breath you can't fight!!!!!


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            Originally posted by GranFire View Post
            . Do things you normally wouldn't do and see where it takes you.
            I'll take qualities I look for in a blind date for one thousand Alex....


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              Well the school wanted $1,400 per year just to study. Sorry, but that's far more than I have. So....looked around and will check out another school near me that's non profit and only charges $35 a month to train two days a week on days that are perfect for me at a great time too. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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                $1400 per year?! O___O


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                  $1400 seems it a train as much as you want. My dojo has classes 6 days a week and we can attend as many as we want in a week, but is not that expensive.


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                    They did say I'd have my pick of nights but what caught my attention was that the classes were only 45 minutes long, not an hour. When I told them I could only make two classes a week with my work and class schedule they said there's no flexibility in the payment requirements. Ironic isn't it? In Tae Kwon Do, they have no flexibility....

                    I'm glad I found the other school. Longer class times and twice a week.


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                      Sounds like a rip off to me. Only 45 min?
                      I'm paying $60 per month, 3 days a week for 1 and a half hours.
                      But I must say... the classes are a bit sub par compared to what I remembered 10 years ago, but then again I was only 6.


                      Edit: oops not 60 per month, $60 per quarter... so about 3 months. $20 per month.
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                        Ah yes, I'm glad you found a school. ^_^V


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                          LOL you guys.. come work out with us some night! I swear, you will not miss having only 45-50 minutes of a work out...

                          One can pack an awful lot into 45 minutes!


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                            Originally posted by GranFire View Post
                            One can pack an awful lot into 45 minutes!
                            You can say that again


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                              Laura I was in exactly the same position as you. I teach wing chun and found that I wasn't getting a great workout. I went from six pack to one pack very quickly

                              I train other martial arts and they were good but boxing wasn't training the flexibility in my legs. It was getting my legs quicker but I wanted to work all the muscles in my leg

                              I tried CKD/TKD and found it to be awesome. To be honest the school I go to has pretty poor techniques that tend to not work but it is a great workout.

                              And people are right - you could do 20 minutes of training but if you are sweating throughout you are doing something right

                              Prices do seem a little high though. It might be worth looking around at schools. My CKD school has four available classes throughout the week that I can go to.

                              Good luck dude